Making Christmas Presents or Not

Christmas Tree Earrings

Christmas Tree Earrings

Fave Crafts sends out a question of the month to designers and this month’s topic was on making Christmas presents. I thought it was a very interesting question that would make a great blog post.

They asked if I had a craft-only gift policy or did I sometimes buy gifts? Talk about a loaded question. Does this question make you feel slightly guilty? It sure hits all my buttons. I love to give people items I have made but feel that Christmas is the worst time to do this. Multiple recipients means multiple gifts all due at the same time.

Does anyone else have lovely memories of traveling cross country with a sewing machine to finish gifts? I’ve actually brought my sewing machine with me on a nearly 8 hour drive to my Mom’s house to do a little sewing after we get there and finish something. I’m one of those people who can’t work on things in the car, so the trip is wasted time for me.

One year I decided to make a beautiful velveteen dress for my toddler daughter. I had the dress nearly sewn together when I noticed I had cut 2 of the same sleeve. I did not have enough velveteen to cut out another sleeve! Does it surprise anyone that I discovered this at about 2 am? I still have the unfinished dress. By the time I found a coordinating velveteen fabric for the sleeves, she had grown out of it!

My mother is still waiting for her Christmas gift quilt to be finished and given to her. I promise it will get done this year Mom!

I have made some wonderful Christmas gifts. One year I gave my 2 nieces hand sewn dresses with handmade dolls in matching dresses. I’ve given my mother smaller quilts and table runners and place mats.

Now, I buy most of my gifts and give a few small items I have made that don’t take a lot of time. This year I gave out a bunch of the Christmas tree earrings pictured above. These earrings are from the Fire Mountain Gems website. They are not my design and take a very short time to make. They look great. Just the kind of gift I make now. So, stop feeling guilty. Send that quilt out to a long arm quilter and give yourself a break!


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