Bead and Button Show and the Rest of the Story – part one


Milwaukee, WI

First, I would like to apologize for the length of time between posts. Things have been a bit crazy around here. In late March, we signed our lives away (at least it felt that way!) to have some windows replaced and our basement finished. The next three weeks was spent cleaning out 12+ years of stuff. You don’t know how much fabric you have until you are forced to pack it up. After numerous trips to Goodwill and the dump, our garage and 2nd bedroom are now storage warehouses.

It has been really strange to have no access to a lot of my supplies. Loud and smelly construction has taken over the house. The day of the jackhammer was almost more than I could take. The good news is when they are all done, I will have 2 work spaces. One room will be a general work room. The other will be a dedicated glass room. My kiln will be in there. It will have a sink with the glass grinders right next to it. It will have a vent in there. I have been impatiently waiting for the construction to end. I will put up pictures whenever they all leave. Can’t wait to get back to glass work.

Meanwhile, I took a 5 day break and went with my daughter to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Things went a little rocky health wise, but we still had a lot of fun and some great classes. We started out with a foodie tour of the third ward. We loved the Public Market. Spin looked like a great place to hang out. Wish I could have brought it home!

Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee Public Market


Spin, Milwaukee, WI

Next year we hope to actually go and play ping pong at Spin. What fun!

Third Ward Foodie Tour

Third Ward Foodie Tour

We ended our tour at Tulip. I had serious lamp envy. Too bad they don’t sell them. I would have gladly snuck a few into our luggage. Why else drive – more room for loot! They had great food also.

Tulip Restaurant

Tulip Restaurant - Milwaukee, WI

Lights at Tulip

Wonderful Lights at Tulip

One of the Lights

One of the Lights

Another Light at Tulip

Another Light at Tulip

Who could possibly blame me for coveting one of these lights? What great design inspirations!

This post is getting quite wordy. Who?? ME?? Not possible! Anyway, I am going to cut out here and hope to have part two up later today.


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