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Workroom 1

Workroom 1

Earlier this year, we realized that one of our windows was leaking. Windows in a 13 year old house should NOT leak! After looking over our finances, we realized we could finish our basement while replacing some windows. We could refinance at a much lower rate and it wouldn’t cost us much more per month.

Suddenly, the possibility of an actual dedicated workspace was a reality. No more kiln under the table by the front door. No more signs on the front door saying don’t come in when the kiln is in use. I also had a fair amount of space to work with as our kids are off on their own. WOW!

Then, reality set in. Cleaning out a huge area that had little cleaning done over 13 years is a huge undertaking. One month later, the garage and a bedroom had become warehouse storage spaces.

Workroom 1 picture 2

Another view of workroom 1

What did I need?

  • A dedicated space for the kiln and glass grinding with access to a sink
  • Room for my large cutting table
  • Room for the future purchase of a jeweler’s bench
  • Lots of storage space
Jeweler's bench

Jeweler's bench

Even after giving the cabinet people the dimensions of my future jeweler’s bench, we narrowly avoided a small disaster. See the left edge of the bench. It overhangs the counter top by 1/4″. I don’t think the edge of the counter top was taken into consideration. Luckily, it was just high enough to fit over it.

What about electrical needs? My beloved flex shaft and other small electrical items needed to be taken into consideration. I didn’t want to trip over extension cords anymore. Outlets were put at each end of the counter top wall. There is an outlet in the ceiling above the work table and a couple outlets on the walls closer to the floor.

Workroom - another view

Workroom - another view

Storage was a huge consideration. I have stuff for vending and display. I have tons of fabric and surface design supplies. Glass is being stored in bins under the worktable top. In the next post, I will show you pictures of the large walk-in closet off this room and of the second workspace. The second workspace is enter through the first. This enables me to lock the door to this room and prevent any access when children come over.


p.s.  The future jeweler’s bench was my birthday present thanks to my husband. It was a bit of a project to put together. Between this and other furniture projects in the living spaces, we hope to never see another piece of furniture in too small boxes. Can the manufacturers make sure all the holes line up properly, PLEASE!!!






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